Our key competencies include investing to achieve absolute return, multi-asset portfolios, strategic asset allocation, and risk management. We maintain an integrated investment platform as the centre of our investment activities. We apply an all-weather investment process, designed to adapt to any phase of the investment cycle. This ensures our approach is not dependent on favourable market conditions, nor does it adhere to a set style such as “growth” or “value”. Our core business is institutional equities investment management, with an over-arching focus on generating attractive absolute returns whilst preserving capital.

Our Macro, Technical and Quantitative analysis helps us gauge the driving forces of investment markets and achieve a deeper understanding of the factors driving the performance of equities under different market conditions. We believe there is merit in all investment styles. However, different styles are rewarded during different phases of market cycles. One investment style does not always remain in play during the course of a full cycle. The key is to appraise the market and determine which factors will generate optimum rewards.

Our mission is to use a research-based, quality-driven process to produce the best possible long-term results for our clients. We integrate fundamental, quantitative and sustainability research. Portfolio managers employ insights from diverse sources, allowing them to make better-informed investment decisions. Our investment philosophy embodies strict risk control and stable, repeatable excess return.

We continuously watch for the market inefficiencies, distortions or anomalies that can create gaps between market price and fair value. To make investment judgments with high precision, we perform bottom-up analysis of company drivers, top-down analysis of macroeconomic trends, blending a broad set of investment tools when applying our investment process.